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why am I like this? pulling a blanket over your head. lookin’ at u in the slight dark
saw instant grits at the grocery store and I knew I was gonna be okay ~
it’s got that serrated flap, for instant access, & I use my instant hot water dispenser
the history of grits and me: I ate them every day for a week before he hurt me
the history of grits: u kneel on them as a punishment in books, kids on farms
what is it though? a crushed kernel or a grain, and somehow, it’s sharp for u
pour the warm water into the bowl and somehow, it’s soft, swallowed, plain
I can read abt his relationship on the internet, so I don’t rlly need him 2 tell me
when my ex came over, I said do u want grits w/ cheese & he said hell yes I do
he licked the bowl, ok. I watched my ex lick the bowl clean, white
sometimes I’ll add a fried egg, sautéed greens, shredded cheese, hot sauce
I didn’t offer u the grits. later I will say – I am sorry, u shoulda eaten the grits
it was New Orleans, the day I found out, my body felt dizzy trying hard 2 stay real
the restaurant was run by punk girls. unlimited coffee. I even saw my old friend
ordered grits – it came with goat cheese. I ate the best bite, healer, colorless goo
the food that glues u back together, haha. the food that also means dirt & bad
& girl & tough & and gonna make it thru the rest of this year even if u hurt me 2
oh man I am coming up behind you and wrapping u, kissing the grease of ur head
can u appreciate this for a second? how many people want 2 kiss u this much?
the grits are in my head again. I am goop. just need u in a simple way, ok
f me, I am a diary. f me, I am eating a porridge alone. poverty of love


released November 7, 2016



all rights reserved


dee bird St. Louis, Missouri

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